Pon Pon Powder Hair Care Powder 8.5g Limited

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Achieves "sara fluffy hair" made with a hair dryer just by pomponing without solidifying the natural volume.
Contains plenty of ceramide ingredients that give luster and moisture while keeping the scalp clean and plant-derived ingredients that are gentle on the skin.
It can be used not only for scalp environment care but also for whole body odors.
Easy without water.
With this, you can feel at once soft and fluffy anytime, anywhere.

How to use
1. Just pop on the part you care about
2. Apply to scalp and hair
* It is OK to apply with hand or use comb * Powder (white) becomes transparent when applied to hair
* Can be used for whole body
STEP. 1 Push up the cap vertically without turning
STEP. 2 Remove the inner lid with the puff by turning it.
STEP. 3 Remove the plastic lid and attach the
inner lid again STEP. 4 Close the lid tightly.
* Be careful not to scatter the powder.

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