Perfect Beauty Miracle You Damage Repair Shampoo 450ml

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Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Damage Repair Shampoo  
● Deep repair of damaged hair tips with triple repair prescription for beautifully organized hair. 
● Triple repair prescription 
(1) Organic ghee oil (* 1) formulation: Intensive repair to the depths of damaged hair and suppleness to the tips. 
(2) Split ends coating: Coats damaged split ends and adjusts the dryness and spread of split ends. 
(3) Color keep (* 2): Protects hair from hair coloring and damage caused by drying such as ultraviolet rays. 
● Miracle You is a series that focuses on split ends and color keeping (* 2) for deep repair. 
● Non-silicon, sulfate-free (Na laureth sulfate, etc.)
● Floral bouquet scent with fresh fruit accents "Shiny floral scent". 
* 1 Butter extract (moisturizing ingredient) 
* 2 Coating 

How to use 
(1) Rinse the skin and the entire hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. 
(2) Take an appropriate amount and apply it to the entire hair. 
(3) Whisk well, wash the scalp carefully like a massage, and rinse well. It is even more effective when used in a series.